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Business Consulting & Training Services

I can help identify areas of your business that may be a challenge hindering growth and further success. I can also help with operational business plans and management functions for an area of your business that needs some direction. Many clients have also benefited from full training sessions on financial functions or staff training in a specific area of interest.

When it comes to business development and consulting, we answer those how to, how do I questions. The most common areas of business consulting cover the following topics:

Purchase & Sale of a Business

We can assist from the planning stages of valuation to the due diligence stages of the agreement and then closing the deal.

Retirement Planning

This ties in with estate services but the more proactive on coming up for a strategy on wealth for retirement and minimizing estate taxes, the better off retirement will be.

Cash Flow Planning

This is essential to failing and succeeding businesses. It is the process of realizing short term and long term cash needs and balancing that with current profit or loss to make current commitments while adequately saving for the future.

Accounting Software Selection and Implementation

We are consistently researching the new emerging software choices for businesses and help you select the one right for you. We can also set up the program and provide training on use.

Start Up Services

In these sessions we go over the main things you need to consider when starting a business (insurance, business number registration, payroll, WCB, PST, GST, taxes and record keeping). We than can help you fill out the forms or make decisions on the areas included for discussion and make plans to help you grow your venture.

Business Valuations

Management use valuations are needed in a number of circumstances such as lending, purchasing, selling, estate, retirement, and transitioning the business. Determining the value of a business is often the starting part in a number of business planning engagements.

Performance Measurement

This encompasses applying broad range formulas to evaluate the business and search for areas of improvement, or to benchmark against competitors.


We help prepare corporate or not for profit budgets and also assist in monitoring and reporting on that budget.

Business Succession

This is used to assist in shareholder buyouts, passing on operations to family, or selling for retirement. If not planned properly, the tax burden of proposed transactions could leave you with half your proceeds.

Estate Planning

The goal of estate planning is to ensure that in the case of the unexpected, taxes are minimized leaving you to chose where your money goes whether it be preserving family wealth, providing for other family members, transferring assets or businesses, funding education for children and grandchildren, or leaving a legacy to a charitable cause. Estate planning can be tough because you are openly facing your own mortality however the benefits of discussing your options will help ensure a proper plan in place that meets your needs.

What Our Clients Say

“Wonderful team of friendly professional accountants. They answer all questions every time. They make the time to complete all calls, all emails and meetings. I feel like a valued client and would highly recommend McGowan Chartered Professional Accountant.”
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