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T1 Forms

Important for your T1

Personal Tax Return Checklist (PDF format): This checklist must be completed and sent with your signed engagement letter.

T1013 Authorizing a Representative (PDF format): This form should only be submitted if you are a new client and would like to authorize the CRA to deal with us as your representative for income tax matters. You will need to complete both parts 1 and 5 prior to submitting it to us.

T1 New Client Form: This form helps us get all the information needed to set up your return and enter you in our system.


Professional Income (T2125) and Business Income (T2125) (Excel format): Required to report you self-employed income/business activities for the year including home-office and auto expenses.

Rental Property Income (T776) (Excel format): Applicable if you have rental properties. Do not use for home-office expenses. Self employed individuals should put home office information on the T2125 and employees on the T777. 

Employment Expenses Information (T777) and Auto Expenses (T777) (Excel format): Applicable if you have employment expenses such as home office, auto expenses, entertainment, etc. Do not use this if you are self-employed (signed T2200 form required). 

Declaration of Conditions of Employment T2200 (PDF format): Required for T777 schedule above.

Moving Expenses T1-M (PDF format): Applicable if you moved for work or educational reasons you may claim your moving expenses.

Medical Expense Deductions (Excel format): Applicable for all medical expenses you may want to claim including meals and mileage for medical travel.